Come in and meet our family of Lucky's spices!

Lucky Cow

This blend of spices is a combination of chili powder and brown sugar with undertones of cumin and oregano, with dried jalapenos and other spices. It is intended to enhance the natural flavor of beef or what ever you choose to use it on. Try it on your eggs in the morning or on your popcorn on movie night.
Lucky Fish

A mix of not only flavorful, but also very aromatic spices makes Lucky Fish a pantry staple. Cloves and ginger and a pinch of orange and lemon zest and other spices are sure to tickle all of your taste buds. Works great on the most delicate of white fish, as well as a hearty Salmon on the grill; or use it to liven up the flavor of your favorite homemade Hummus recipe.
Lucky Panda

This is blend of 3 different kinds of sesame seeds and two different types of coconut, with onion and ginger a hint of citrus and a strong finish of Garlic. It is great for all things Asian ranging from chicken, pork, beef or even veggies.
Lucky Chicken

With the flavors of smoked paprika, thyme, sage and rosemary with undertones from mustard to nutmeg and other spices, this blend not only has a complex flavor profile but also gives a great enhancement of color. While it works well for fish, its not limited to use on proteins, it works wonderfully on veggies and endless other foods as well.
Lucky Pig

This blend of spices is sweet and savory with a nice warm kick as you approach the end of the flavor profile. Brown sugar and garlic, the kiss of heat from cayenne pepper and chili powder, give this the perfect blend of sweet and heat. Great for using on chops or ribs, in the oven or on the grill. Use it in place of the high salt flavor packs for ramen noodles as a low sodium alternative. A great choice for seasoning for your green beans or just about anything you want to add this unique enhancing flavor to.
Lucky Ass

Our take on taco seasoning is a bold combination of spices help you reach your south of the border taste, With the bold flavors of Cumin and smoked paprika and Chilli powder and smooth under tones of Garlic and onion and dried Cilantro and other spice. Great for making flavoring meats for taco's or any other kind of foods that you want to have a rich bold flavor.

If you prefer a hotter blend of Mexican style seasoning - try our "Lucky Mad Ass" taco seasoning. Specially blended to satisfy the boldest taste buds!
Lucky Buffalo

for the folks that love the flavor of Buffalo wings we have add the "Lucky Buffalo" seasoning to the "Lucky Family" of rubs and seasonings. With the sweetness of brown sugar and savoriness coming from chili power, smoked paprika and cumin with a hint of cayenne pepper and garlic and a few other spices. Your sure to enjoy the Buffalo wing flavor on a range of foods from chicken to pork even goes great in ranch to dip veggies in, you may want to even try it on popcorn.
Lucky Mad Buffalo

Like it's cousin "Lucky Buffalo" all the same great flavors with the addition of our custom dried Habanero Chili peppers to the mix giving this blend just the right amount of heat. Hot but not so hot you lose all the other flavors of this complex blend of spices.